Operations Manager - Denver

Company Name:
TestAmerica Labs, Inc.
Manages the day-to-day operational activities of a large analytical laboratory. Directly supervises exempt group leaders, and coordinates the efforts of normally up to five analytical operating groups.
### Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for reporting laboratory groups for compliance with health, safety and quality assurance programs.
2. Coordinates the work of analytical laboratory groups and assists in setting work priorities in an effort to minimize costs, scheduling conflicts or delays.
3. Reviews and modifies group schedules based on current and projected workloads and staffing in each department.
4. With the Lab Systems Manager, prepares and maintains weekly project status reports for all current projects in-house.
5. Assists the Laboratory Technical Director with review and development of standard operating procedures and prepares recommendations as the need arises for new or revised analytical methods.
6. With the Systems Manager, schedules and directs work to achieve established sales and profit goals of the laboratory.
7. Responsible for maintaining adequate staffing to meet sales and workload goals. Adjusts personnel to meet in peak load demands. Must support decisions in economic terms.
8. Meets daily with group leaders to resolve scheduling conflicts and delivery issues.
### Job Requirements
BS degree in Chemistry or equivalent
Ten years laboratory experience including 2 years experience as a group supervisor.
Profit and loss experience
Familiar with EPA, DOT, OSHA and DOL regulations
Strong decisions making skills
Excellent verbal and written skills
Problem solving abilities
. Material and Equipment Used
Computer software
Flip charts
Professional publications
VCR, etc.
Job Title:: Operations Manager - Denver
City:: Arvada
/ State: : Colorado

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